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Gowns from the recent catwalks are very impressive – delicate and elegant, slightly revealing yet discreet. A wealthy clientele enjoys stunning silk, lace, and guipure dresses, embellished with shimmering embroidery, glass beads and gems. Half-transparent insets and applications look like wearable works of art or sets of precious jewelry. As for color, Slavic rules of style envisage a trademark palette of emerald, blue, sapphire, pearl, and red. An impressive team of 300-500 seamstresses are believed to have helped bring Slavic style designs to life.
It is always a bride in a floating gown who finishes the fashion parade, with other models helping her with her new service dress. Luxuries bridal gowns in Slavic style might cost up to $300,000 for a girls want to get well-off bride to wear on her big day.

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